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Life Coaching (EU and UK residents only)

  • 2 hr
  • €2499 for 6 months
  • Physcial and Online Sessions available

Service Description

Every once in a while you will get lost, and that's ok as long as you promise to find yourself. Transformation is the PROCESS of finding yourself. How? First, you come up with the best version of yourself. in the process of visualisation. Then I help you identify the barriers that keep you from becoming this ideal version of yourself through mirroring. Once you have a clear idea of who you are currently and who you would like to be, we develop a strategy of change. This is the hard part and requires you to do the work through exercise, openness and allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to feedback. The point is to teach you new ways of doing things and therefore break the destructive patterns that brought you this far. Package includes. A 2-hour coaching call every 2 weeks. 6 one day intensive sessions Emergency calls when in crisis. A customised action plan and roadmap to help your goals 1 on 1 customised skills training that will compliment your core qualities Assignments and assessments are designed to encourage you and push you to reach your full potential ***Because of the type of energy and time investment required to coach people into a transformation, spots for this service are limited.

Contact Details


Diest, Belgium

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