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New Year, New Chapter!

One of my childhood role models happened to be the wife of one of my uncles.

Mbuya gain was a tall and curvy and full-figured woman with dark skin, and a jerry curl. She had bright eyes thick lips and the most beautiful gaped toothed smile that she never once stopped flashing even when her husband left her to fend for her 5 children alone. Mbuya gain was loud, confident and bubbly and unapologetic about her, she always told stories of her travels and business deals.

You see, my aunt's name was not Mbuyas Gain, but we had given her this nickname because she was such a savvy businesswoman who seemed to have the Midas touch when it came to selling her wares. I admired her not only for her beauty and warm nature but because she was resilient, enterprising, courageous and unapologetic about who she was and the circumstances that had pushed her to go into business as a cross-border trader ( A highly stigmatised profession back in the early 90s especially for women)

I remember telling my family after one of Mbuya Gains visits, that I wanted to be a cross-border trader just like her.... let's just say, that didn't go very well.😂

Even though I got a pretty good scolding at that time, the idea was already seeded in my mind. throughout the years I have always said that I didn't see myself being an employee the rest of my life, I just never had the courage to go for it... until today!

On 31 December 2021, I left my formal job, to become an Entrepreneur.

The dictionary definition of the word is "a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit." I am finally chasing that childhood dream and excited to see where this journey will take me.

So to celebrate this new chapter I want to offer a quote by Ralph Waldo Emmerson is in honour of my aunt Mbuya Gain.

"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions

Ever imagined, what your life would look like if you lived in another country? Has your mind been stretched to think about migration? Then get in touch and let's make it happen.

send me a message and let get the wheels in motion!

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