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Getting Personal with your Coach

I really hope you’ve been utilizing the free resources on my website and social media to learn and grow, and that you’re ready to dive in deeper. I wanted to take a moment to get personal because I realize we’ve been all business for a minute. PERSONAL FACT 1 - when I am not coaching fellow African immigrants, I am a licensed and registered nurse who runs a home care practice with 6 other colleagues. We boast a patient base of 110 satisfied patients who we care for in turns. Caring for others has always been a passion and I am so glad I get to do it in both my businesses. PERSONAL FACT 2 - When I was 27 I was deported from Cyprus for overstaying and breaching the terms of my visa. Honest to God, it was never the intention but I was ill-informed and naive. I ended up spending about a week in that Cypriot prison while waiting to be deported. That experience kind of birthed this journey, my journey to finding my feet as an immigrant in Europe had a very rocky beginning but I have made it my mission to pave the way for those that come after me. ultimately n I don't want anyone to go through the hell that I went through. PERSONAL FACT 3 - My biggest supporter is my partner Johan. although he's Belgian, I have nicknamed him Mhofu because he just gives off that Mhofu vibe. He held my hand through nursing school and has supported me every time I came home with yet another Crazy idea. They say you can't achieve anything entirely on your own, and I have been very lucky to have Mhofus support. PERSONAL FACT 4 - After being homeless, being deported and moving countries 2 times all the while building from nothing I finally decided the 3rd time would be the last. So I sat down and devised a strategy and a trajectory for my life in Belgium. I landed in Belgium as a single parent to a 5-year-old and with exactly 1225euro to my name. 7 years later I own two businesses and I'm 100% self-employed and devote my time and energy to helping other people fast-track their migration and integration using a formula and principles that I applied to my own life.

This is me. Your passionate, resilient and adaptive coach who is ready to help you completely turn around your life around and set you up on a trajectory to thrive as an immigrant in your new home country. Let's get started!

Thank you for trusting me to support and commit to you. With All My Passion, Mary Razemba THE MIGRATION COACH

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