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African child, remember who you are.

"It's our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask who am I to be so talented, brilliant, and gorgeous. Actually, who are you not to be?"

This quote by Marianne Williamson speaks to me, as an African migrant. When I arrived I was so reserved, I lacked confidence and pride. You see Colonialism was a brilliant way of stripping African people of their pride, self-worth, and confidence especially in the presence of other peoples. The resonating message was that we were less than.

You will find when you migrate that this idea still resonates in a lot of European people, and it's not their fault, they were also sold colonial propaganda to justify where their taxes and church offerings were being directed.

100 years After the partition of Africa, these ideas are still prevalent in microaggressions, ignorance, and even racism.

African Child, when you migrate to Europe they will be some who will want to see you through the eyes of the colonizers. Who will doubt your abilities and capabilities? There will be some who will remind you of your colonial past and try to use this as proof of your worth today!

In those moments remember who you are! Not the story of you as told by colonial history book, no the real story. The one told through the legacy of your ancestors, forefathers, and liberators!

You are the descendant of starts, a direct descendant of the first man to walk the earth. In you lies the mother DNA, the prototype of modern peoples. You are the sons and daughters of great Kings, Queens, and Rulers of great Empires.

You are strong, resilient, intelligent, and adaptive overcomers.

No matter what you face on your migrant journey, never forget the truth of who you are. Only put your head down to marvel at your melanin perfection, otherwise, hold your head high to the ululations and celebrations of your ancestors cheering you on.

Don't be afraid to embrace who you really are African Child.


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