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Mary Razemba

 Coach and Consultant           

About me

The desire to change your story begins with you!!
Let your true potential come out alive by choosing to reinvent your story through our counsel.

Do you feel like you have tried all the immigration pathways? Are you at a point where you feel like migration is not your portion?
I hope my story inspires you!

When I was 21, I was presented with an opportunity that I decided to take. It would lead me on a journey that would change the course of my life.  Just after being given the 21st key, with much enthusiasm, I packed my bags took the first flight to Greece.


  • I settled in well and at 24 I brought my mother to live with me in Greece and that very same year I became a mother to a beautiful daughter.

  • Life became sour, I lost everything I had gathered and was homeless with my daughter at 26.

  • I had to make amends so I flew to leave my daughter in Zimbabwe to chase my dreams in Europe at 26

  • At 27 I migrated to Cyprus, sadly the same year I got deported. 

  • With perseverance, I found my way back into Cyprus at 28.

  • At 29 I embarked on a journey to Belgium and reunited with my daughter the same year. 

  • I picked up my career and went back to school to train as a Mental Health Nurse (in Dutch).

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Allow me to introduce myself as your Mindset Coach and a Social Entrepreneur who has had the audacity to start her own practice as a Coach and Consultant for African migrants.





Do you still feel like your journey to become an immigrant has been long enough? I had to do it single-handedly without a mentor or coach so my journey had to belong. Yours could be shorter if you trust my counsel and take heed to the intuition to REINVENT yourself today!

What I do.

Well, I guess by now you have read my side of the story which entails what I went through as an immigrant to get to be where I am now,


To be honest my path was not easy as I learnt on the go, because I had no one to unravel migration tips which are a necessity on the journey of migration. However it can be easy for you learning from someone who has seen the nitty gritties and experienced both of a rough patch and a clear patch. With a wealth of experience allow me to be your Coach.

There are 2 ways I can help you to migrate easily:

Package 1

  1. One on One personalized coaching and consultation: 5-hour session for 5 weeks.

Package 2

  1. Group coaching and consultation in a group of 9 people: 5-hour session for 5 weeks.

However, this package entails less individual coaching and more of the general guidelines. 


For both package 1 and 2 sessions are conducted over a period of 5 weeks and you will receive a practical exercise after each session to help boost your migrant profile.


While part of the Group Coaching and Consultation, you may also book an individual coaching session for a more personalized consultation at a 50% discount. 





This is what you will go through with both packages:

Module 1-(who you are versus who you can be)

Clarity that is creating and understanding your immigrant profile and discovering opportunities that are available for you and in which countries you are likely to fit in snuggly.


Module 2-(what skills you need)

Growth by making your skillset relevant to what the world wants in this 21st century and in the near future. I help you find out which trainings and skills you qualify for in order to access available opportunities.


Module 3-(where to find opportunities)

Search guidance on where to find immigration opportunities. Jobs, apprenticeships, schools, and universities.


Module 4-(how to market your skills)

Social selling, how to stand out as a candidate and get that job, apprenticeship or study placement. Creating CVs and motivational letters that will grab the international recruiter’s attention.


Module 5- (claiming your visa)

Selection, recruitment interview and visa coaching. Find out what they are looking for, leave a lasting impression, and get the position.

How ?

After a full package you must be in a position to appreciate and act upon your goal to MIGRATE.

Hope this explains fully my coaching package, however for more information feel free to get in touch, I am here to serve you!!


Mary Razemba the Coach

Mary Razemba

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