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Coaching Program

For whom?

Driven and ambitious African Professionals looking to launch their careers on at an international level

Do you feel

  • Like there is more to life than just struggling to make ends meet.

  • Like basic necessities shouldn’t be such a struggle or and hassle to come by

  • Like your children deserve a life that is equal to that which children in first world countries are afforded?

  • Like with your level of education and skills you could have a better life, if only you were in the right location?

  • Like your skills and education are undervalued, underappreciated and underpaid in your current location and setting?

  • Like if you would definitely be able to hold your own as an employee in the first world, if only international recruiters could see you.

  • Like  you  would do better  not only for yourself , provide for your children and parents , because you have the intelligence and  the will to do so?


Would you like to

  • Live and work in the first world.

  • Discover migration and employment opportunities available for someone with your profile.

  • Improve the chances of your employability in the first world.

  • Find jobs and catch the attention of first world recruiters.

  • Match your profile to the opportunities and chart a course for your migration?

  • How to finetune your skills so that you are employable as a highly skilled immigrant?

  • How to market yourself and your skills to employers and recruiters in First world countries.


This module is all about discovery. Evaluate where you stand andwhat you have going for you by examining your personal migrant profile (MP).

Your MP ultimately determines which opportunities are available for you and in which counties. You will also learn to create SMART short term goals that will come together increating your migration pathway and on the road to reaching your long -term of lifetime goals.



There is obviously a gap between the way we operate in the 3rd world and the way people and organisations operate in the 1st world, this is the reason most 3rd world applicants are overlooked by 1st world recruiters.

This module is dedicated to developing, and growing mindsets, attitudes, and communication skills that will catch you up to the standard of your future colleagues and counterparts in the 1st world. 

New York Office

Networking & Social Selling

The key concept in this module is Personal and Professional  Branding and Networking. while on your international job search, you can't afford to be a ghost or on incognito, this is a luxury afforded to Rockstars and billionaires. You want to build an online presence that says, “Hey, I’m here", "look how awesome I am" and  "You need some of this in your organisation” ! this module will show you how to do just that as well as create connections that will whisper your name in the right places and help you get noticed.


London City

Aplication Documents 

We already know that the 1st world needs your skills, talents and abilities however

before you get to personally introduce yourself, your application documents speak on your behalf. When creating these application documents, attention is paid to the content, layout, and design.

The content highlights the relevant previous experience, tasks executed, and all skills that fit the vacancy. A clean layout and smart content structure will ensure a good, professional first impression.

in this module, we show you how.


Interview Skills

The hiring process typically includes several (video) calls with different stakeholders from the potential employer. During these calls, special attention should be paid to clear effective communication and a confident, convincing appearance. But how exactly does one achieve this? It is important to adequately prepare to come across as competent and connect with the interviewer(s).

this module pays particular attention to how you present yourself and the do's and don't of these interviews.

Street in the city

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